The beginning of something new

As I entered 2015, I had no new resolutions until today!  I realized that after being told many, many times to write that the time had come to do so.  So this blog will become my canvas, my outlet if you will to the world.  I am a person who wants to understand all sides of an issue BEFORE saying anything.  I try very hard to be nonjudgmental and to let truth stand on its own.  That is the great thing about truth, it can and does!!!

A person or people group who deny the truth do not negate that truth by simply ignoring or denying it.  In reality, it simply makes them less likely to find the truth by closing out what they don’t want to understand!  Truth is found when one is searching for it; no matter the reason.  In my lifetime I have been told that the truth is in money, in the church, in a book, the truth is here or there…….it has been my personal experience that the truth comes in and through Jesus Christ.  One can take my experience for what it is worth…to you; it might simply be words on a blog but to me HE is the “dynamite” of my life.  The purpose of this blog is not to irritate or upset others but is a place for open and honest conversations about what is truth in a world that is moving more and more away from it.


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