Thoughts for a Saturday

The outside air is cold this morning, unfortunately the same is true of some people’s hearts.  Since starting this blog, I spend time thinking about it’s value to me and others.  I have rambling thoughts as I walk through my journey called daily life and think that, “Oh that would be good to blog” and then by the time I am home, I forget…….(I am getting older!)  This week I spent a few hours in all of my classes speaking to the students about why they will not be in school on Monday.  When I asked them to write what they knew about Dr. Martin Luther King, almost to the person they stated that he was the person who had the “I have a dream speech.”  I wanted them to understand the pain of 52 years ago so I created a mini-unit on his “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.”  If you have never read it I would suggest you do; it is a good read.  As we discussed the letter and the pain in the words and the times, some in the class began to wiggle in their seats.  Not an easy topic to discuss when we talk color of skin and racism.  But then I realized NOT talking about it is racism and worse when we, as educators, shy away from a topic because WE are uncomfortable; we are racist and controlling the path to truth of individuals under our charge.  I have seen that a few times since entering public education.   It is not spoken out loud that it won’t be taught, it just won’t be taught.  That scares me and bothers me because education is the way to freedom and truth……..plain and simple.

Way back before the Guttenberg Press in Germany, the religious elites of the day controlled the masses by telling them what “God” intended for them.  I suppose that is ok if the elite are righteous and accountable but we see from history during that time abuse of the masses……..the MAIN thought in Dr. Kings letter from the Birmingham Jail was:  “Injustice anywhere; is injustice everywhere!  I fought in Afghanistan because injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere……..It is my hope and prayer that on Monday people understand that the role of the United States is not one of wanting to be elitist but is one of compassion ……….I know for sure that there are other views and that in itself is called freedom; the ability to have other views without retribution.  Many countries do not have that.  Some want to throw away the Guttenberg press and tell people again what “God” wants from them.

For me, I can make my own decision(s).  I read, pray, read some more, pray some more, talk to people from various views (not what the elitists suggest) and look back at history to come to educated conclusions for the present.  Am I always right; nope but then that is what makes the journey so enticing……..Have a wonderful day.  Until next time.



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