Does Jesus expect perfection?

Today was a wild and crazy day as I was driving around in a blizzard helping my daughter get to a surgical procedure.  As it turned out, she was the only patient who showed up but she is now better because she knows she is ok……”God is good; all the time” is a motto we use.  As I was dropping her off at the hospital and the snow and wind was howling, I grabbed her hand and we prayed together that Jesus would guide the Dr. and my daughter.  Then a small voice from the back seat (my 4 yr old granddaughter ) prayed “and let my Mommy have a good day.”  It all makes sense when coming from a 4 year old.

My grand daughter and I spent some time together, an empty Dave’s Sports store at 730am after a Super Bowl Win provided a race track for her feet as we were the only customer’s in the store!!!  After some more fun and some breakfast I dropped her off and came home.  I then started a text conversation about New England’s win  to some friends and fellow teachers and the conversation was light hearted and fun.  The text was misinterpreted by a few people and they “texted” me their concern.  It was at that time that I began to think about what Jesus wants from us.

Perfection?  No way as that is impossible……..mediocrity?  No way as He is Jesus.  When I think of Scriptures I read over and over where the One who knew no sin met with those who were embroiled in it!!!  What He would then do is teach and give lessons about a different way; but HE never forced anyone to come to Him. How do we interact with a lost world?  With the thought that they are awful and we MUST at all cost, stay away?  Or do we realize that but for the grace of God and His shed blood for our sin’s, we are lost!  While the line between the spiritual and the world is a hard one to discern at times, I err on the side of relationships.  As a human who is saved by grace, at times I go too far to the world and have to come back to Jesus and ask for grace.

In my past, I have been down a road of keeping everything away because it was “wrong”……that was a lonely place for me as most around me did not like me…….so therefore would not listen to me. What I had become was a “tinkling cymbal.”  I did not love them as I should have so they did not listen and felt what I had to say was a waste.  Since those days are gone from my life, I realize that I am not Jesus nor can I be.  I aspire to do His will and walk as He guides however I have to do that amongst those who are lost and often hate me because of Him.  But, I am told that I must love them because Christ first loved me……. that love is shown in so many different ways…….I trust the Spirit to keep me safe but I also know that until I see Jesus face to face, I am a sinner saved by grace!


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