Why so many “why’s” in life?

Have you ever been living life in cruise control when all of the sudden it feels like the transmission fell out on the highway?  And OF COURSE it is a two lane highway and a semi truck is bearing down from the other direction!  Life’s “why’s” present us with much to think about and much to choose from.  Recently, in our family, the transmission not only fell out but the front end fell off…..you know what I mean…..both front tires broke off the axle and flew to the right and left and we were left staring down the silver, snow covered, grill of that speeding semi truck (and WHY are they always speeding when I am there!- oh well that’s for another blog!) heading right for us. (metaphorically) So there I sat wondering WHY was this happening to my family and then to me?  Haven’t we helped others?  Haven’t we prayed for others?  The answer is yes and yes.

However the thought that came to mind is how do I (we) need to answer the “why’s” of life.  I started by asking some people and they did not help me much, some shrugged and responded, “its just life I guess” or “just roll with the punches” or the world’s favorite……”I’m sorry for what you going through but it will be ok.”  When I hear that from people I often wonder how do they know and maybe that is WHY we are going through this because they obviously know way more than me.  SO I moved on……. Where can I get straight info…….after some thought and prayer I realized it was not from the world, as I was asking people who also ask other people WHY?  There are books written about Why….”Why bad things happen to good people” comes to mind.  I have not seen the book, “Why good things happen to bad people.” yet but in this world I am sure someone is thinking about WHY they should write it.  My answer to that one is that “it rains on the just and the unjust.”  That I can confidently answer “it’s just life.”

So I looked at the definitive standard, nope not the stock market, but the New York Bestseller list to see if I could find a good source for WHY this is all so.  I found a great source and one that has been on the best seller’s list since February 15, 1953; the Bible.  I know so many people appear to know what the Bible says but do they really?  So I wanted to check for myself since it has been on that treasured list for 62 YEARS!!!!  Wow, it must hold some wisdom as so many people read it.  SO off I went……..WHY? That word is used over 200 times in this bestselling book.  It appears in the Hebrew as “mah” which pertains to why being used in an interrogative form……..Why are you doing that?  “Why are you angry” is actually the first time why is used in the Bible.  (the reference is Genesis 4:6 and I will let you read the usage on your own- good practice because you should know WHY it is used).  Then the word moves to the Greek form and that is “tis”  an emphatic WHY!  The place I see that much passion in its use is Galatians 5:11; “Why do I yet suffer persecution?”  Hey that’s my question.  Were they asking the same thing in the First Century?

Everyone, which in both the Hebrew and Greek means everyone (that’s a joke!), suffers pain and sorrow in their lifetime.  How we deal with that speeding semi-truck shows our inward character.  So we have some choices to make:

1.  Close your eyes and hope that truck isn’t real…..bad mistake because at 75 MPH’s that thought will only last a few seconds before you absolutely know: bad choice as you feel that it is real.

2.  Quickly scan around you and sit and wait for the truck to hit…….that is simply not a good move as that truck is going to hurt for a long time!!!!

3.  Undo your seat belt, climb through the window which has broken out, and run, crawl, roll or whatever to safety as the truck hits the car.

Now, come with me to the spiritual realm for a minute.

1.  That is what so many do by turning from the salvation and grace that Jesus Christ provides for everyone including you.

2.  That is what so many do with their lives….let me live the way I want and then when I am ready I will look at spiritual things.

3.  This answers my WHY question.  Why has the transmission fallen out?  Why is that semi coming so fast?  Why am I sitting here?  I can’t control anything that happens around me but I can control how I react to it all!  Why does that matter; because Jesus provides the way to safety when the “why’s’ become too much.  Without His help, you are left to your own wisdom.  Some will read this and say that wisdom has done them well so far and that may be true……however in life EVERYONE will face down a speeding semi-truck sometime in life.  Some of us have already completed that task while others have not.  I am simply trying to help you answer WHY?

Happy Valentine’s Day-  http://www.godtube.com/watch/?v=W7GLWWNX


Until next time, Eric


One thought on “Why so many “why’s” in life?

  1. There have definitely been a lot of WHY’S lately. This is great. I know there is a purpose for my present semi-truck…one I may know on this earth or one I hope to know when I meet Jesus face to face. I am facing my semi head on…I know what to do…I just have to do it!


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